At Villa La Tuia we want guests to return home with unforgettable memories and Tuscany in their hearts. Staying at our place you can enjoy maximum relaxation, pampered by the attentive but not intrusive care of the owners, in the splendid rooms furnished with attention to every detail. There are many experiences to be lived in the city and in the neighboring towns and at Villa La Tuia we will do everything possible to ensure that guests return home with indelible memories and the flavor of a region as extraordinary as Tuscany. From our residence you can admire the splendor of this enchanting city, Lucca and its 100 churches, walking through this town or admiring it from the top of its walls.The historic walls are undoubtedly the element that most characterizes Lucca and make it unique and known throughout the world. They are the only walls that can be entirely covered on foot or by bicycle for four kilometers, offering a walk with an absolutely unique view of the city.

Lucca should be appreciated from above, to fully enjoy the many exclusive views. This is possible first of all by walking over the walls, then climbing the Guinigi Tower or facing the 207 steps of the even higher Torre delle Ore. From these points you can admire a breathtaking view over the roofs of the town, an overall view that allows you to appreciate its beauty and harmony and rediscover, perfectly preserved, the urban structure designed by the Romans.There are many interesting places to visit, despite the small size of the town, but we limit ourselves to reporting the most significant, such as the Botanical Garden, a public garden that can be visited which houses a rare fauna variety, a library, herbaria, laboratory museums and much more.

For its guests, Villa La Tuia organizes excursions to discover the city with customized packages, both group and individual. The excursions can be planned every day of the week. Prices and information on request.

The city of 100 churches

Lucca is known as the city of 100 churches for the large number of religious buildings present, beautiful artistic and architectural examples. You certainly cannot miss a visit to the Duomo, the Cathedral of San Martino in the homonymous square, where some splendid works of art are preserved, such as the funeral monument to Ilaria del Carretto by Jacopo della Quercia and the wooden crucifix of the Holy Face – ancient symbol of the city – on the Basilica of San Frediano – from where the procession of the Feast of the Holy Cross starts. In the same square you can admire the Church of San Michele, of which the very high facade that rises four meters above the roof and on which stands a St. Michael the Archangel in the act of killing the Dragon stands out.

Romanesque style and places of worship

Another notable basilica is San Frediano, one of the oldest places of worship in Lucca, founded by the saint whose name it bears. It is striking for the mosaic on the facade, extremely rare for a Romanesque-style church, and for the beautiful baptismal font housed inside.
From here it is possible to reach the most famous city street, the one where all the most important and well-known shops are located, the so-called Fillungo. From this road you can get almost anywhere in the historic center, but a visit to the Amphitheater square is highly recommended. An authentic jewel of Lucca with a Roman layout, here in fact stood the old forum on whose original structure, elliptical in shape, typical of Roman amphitheaters, the current square and the surrounding buildings were built. Many characteristic restaurants and shops with a typical Lucca flavor overlook the square, and events, demonstrations and concerts take place there, especially in summer.

Torre Guinigi and Piazza Napoleone

Leaving Piazza Anfiteatro you can visit the already named Torre Guinigi, not far away, which in addition to offering a spectacular view of the city, is known for a unique hanging garden, wanted by the Guinigi family as a symbol of the rebirth of the city under their control.
A trip to Piazza Napoleone, known as Piazza Grande, before leaving the walls can really be worthwhile, especially during the Christmas period when an ice skating rink is set up for the enjoyment of young and old! For the real Lucca people it is a bit of a town meeting place and has this name for the works that Elisa Bonaparte had carried out in homage to her brother Napoleon.

The traditional Lucca events

There are many events, generally on an annual basis, that animate the city and attract tourists from all over the world.
The first for fame is perhaps the Summer festival (musical concerts with internationally renowned artists that take place in various places in the city), organized in July.
At the end of October the Lucca Comics & amp; Games takes place: an international festival of comics, undoubtedly the most important in Italy. The city becomes the theater of a cartoon, with cosplay that roam everywhere, adults and children who dress up in their favorite characters, creating a truly unique show.
Lucca has small dimensions, but it is a small jewel to visit calmly to appreciate even the most private and exclusive views, stopping to taste the typical gastronomic delicacies of the area that are offered in the various restaurants and trattorias of the city.
The city within the walls is pedestrianized and easily accessible by bicycle, which you will find supplied with Villa La Tuia.

Excursions near Lucca

With or without a car, you can go anywhereThis area is truly full of attractions for every taste, from food and wine tours and theme parks ideal for children, to famous cities of art appreciated all over the world. Lucca is located in a strategic node from which you can easily reach many interesting places to visit.

The sea of Versilia

For those who would like to spend a day at the beach or perhaps enjoy a special dinner directly on the beach, at Villa La Tuia we will be glad to organize for guests a day at the beautiful sea of Versilia.


Travel time by car or regional train: about 1 hour
For a visit to Florence we recommend at least a full day. Here you will find museums with extraordinary monuments and the historic center dotted with monuments and works that attract tourists from all over the world.
The train is perhaps the most practical and also the least stressful way to avoid the intense city traffic. From the Santa Maria Novella station, you can reach the heart of the city in a few minutes and from there you can get lost crossing the old bridge and letting your eyes fill with the beauty that adorns the city.


Travel time by car or regional train: about 30 – 40 min

Pisa is very close to Lucca and can be easily visited in one day. the Campo dei Miracoli where the famous Leaning Tower is located is famous all over the world. We recommend a visit to admire the Baptistery and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.
The Lungarno of Pisa is perhaps less fascinating than the Florentine one, but splendid palaces and also the small, but splendid Palazzo Blu, a museum with a rich exhibition program, overlook it.

Villa La Tuia cinque terre

Le Cinque Terre

Travel time by car: 1 hour; by train to La Spezia 1 hour & 30 min.

Le Cinque Terre are very close to the border between Tuscany and Liguria, although of course they are in the Ligurian territory. The proximity from Lucca allows you to easily organize a day trip, which will undoubtedly deserve the trip. Nominated as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, they are spectacular in every season of the year due to the exceptional colors of the coasts. They are full of trekking paths, dream walks that lead from one small town to another, typical and delicious Ligurian food and the splendor of the blue of the sea, with its cliffs and its fragrant vegetation.